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Profile Updated: June 7, 2010
Residing In: Evans, GA USA
Occupation: Soldier
Children: SSG Kenyatta, Jarrell Praymous born 1980,
SSG Brandon Praymous born 1981,
Trephanie Praymous More…born 1985
1LT Devan Praymous born 1991,
Military Service: Army  
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706 791 2106

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US. Army

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Fellow Classmates of Melbourne High School Class of 1979; My name is Command Sergeant Major Vernon Renard Praymous and I am a proud alumni of our Alma Mater and an even prouder member of the United States Army. As the Commandant of the Signal Regimental Noncommissioned Officer Academy at Fort Gordon, I try to instill many things in the Soldiers that attend the NCO Academy. Our mission is to develop Signal leaders who possess the attributes and leadership skills required of professional Noncommissioned Officers. My goal is to enhance the confidence of Signal Noncommissioned Officers and inspire them to willingly assume and fulfill their responsibilities as leaders; both during peacetime and in times of war.
The keys of my success are: a positive attitude, dedication to excellence and living the Army values. Embracing these tools has resulted in successful completion of my many personal, military, and educational goals. Every physical and mental challenge that I have experienced, has made me more confident than I was before.
Since my graduating from this fine Institution of Higher Learning, I have married a beautiful woman and reared four wonderful children. As the head of a military family, I have learned to that there is only one way to deal with the stressors and strains associated with having my children, my wife (now retired) and I, serving together in the Army, …….and that is to maintain our unwavering faith and trust in God. My son, Brandon and I both served in Iraq during the same time period and there was never a moment that I wasn’t concerned for his safety. My wife and daughters have also been placed in dangerous situations, in defense of our great nation, and of course, their well-being was always of utmost importance to me.
However, we are a Christian family and we serve an awesome God, who can do all things, but fail. In every situation we pray for each other, we write letters to each other, and above all, we continue to love and support each other. We realize that regardless of the situation that the military may place us in or wherever in the world we may be called to serve; we know that one day our Father in Heaven will bring us back safely together again. God is truly the source of our strength and his has always sent his angels to surround us and protect us from harm.
My wife, children and I all have great senses of humor. We love to laugh and smile and joke with each other. Therefore, it doesn’t take much for us to have fun together. I believe that spending quality time together; enjoying each other’s company and/or just sitting around our home, sharing life experiences with each other are the times that we all enjoy the most. Those times are the most invaluable and precious to me.

The most satisfying aspect of being a military family, to me, is our ability to serve together. The greatest gift that I have ever received was the gift of parenthood. I am so honored that God chose me to be the father of such wonderful children and the husband to the most beautiful, intelligent, motivated and caring woman that I have ever met. For her to love me enough to marry me and to bear my children were the best things that have ever happened to me. Now, that my children are all grown up and have chosen to follow the military career paths of my wife and I; I have had similar feelings of pride and joy return to me again. It is truly an honor to have my children want to follow be like me and serve in the Army. They consider me their role model and for this, I am truly humbled. Again, the most satisfying aspect of being a military family, in my opinion, is our willingness to serve the people of our great nation………….. together.

The advantages of being a military family have been numerous. We have been able to benefit from all of the resources offered to military families, which have enhanced our “quality of life”. The military has given my wife and me the opportunity to raise our children in safe environments. We have had the pleasure of being exposed to various races, religions and ethnicities, which has taught each of us the beauty of diversity, by showing us how we can all share this planet and learn to appreciate each other for our differences. After retirement, my wife has been able to supplement our family income and develop a career of as an ombudsman. She is able to continue with her service to our military by serving them in this capacity. We have travelled the world and enjoyed the freedoms that my family has pledged to protect and defend. These are the most notable advantages that I believe my military family has benefited from most.
What I like most about my military job as the Commandant of the Signal Regimental Noncommissioned Officer Academy is that I am able to share my vast experiences and knowledge with the staff, faculty and students who enter the doors of the NCO Academy. My position allows me the opportunity to obtain the maximum effort, both in assignment of duties and responsibility, yet ensure I am properly integrated into the command structure of the SIGCEN. I am able to devote my valuable time determining how to properly employ critical assets within our World Class Signal training setting. I am able to be involved in the training, maintaining, caring, and leading of the NCOs who attend the ALC/SLC courses offered at the RNCOA. I like that I am able to directly influence the pedagogical environment and the curriculum that is offered to the students. Basically, I like being a Soldier and I enjoy assisting Signal NCOs with becoming the best and brightest leaders in today’s Army.
Serving in the US Army and advancing through the NCO ranks have helped me become a better parent and citizen because I now understand what it means to truly make sacrifices. I understand the meaning of commitment, duty, honor, respect, self-less service, integrity, personal courage, and loyalty. I know the Army Values and I live the Army Values. There has been no greater gift that I could offer the people of this great nation that can parallel to the sacrifices that I (and many Soldiers like me) have made to keep them free. My service to this country, my sacrifices and the lessons I have learned, has helped me become a better parent to my children and model citizen in our society.
Many young adults are now choosing to join the military even though we are at war. If I were asked about what I would say them and their parents about making such a serious decision; I would tell the young adults that I am proud of them for making such an unselfish decision and that the training they will receive will equip them with the knowledge, skills, and technical and tactical proficiency that they will need to get them through the toughest of situations. I would tell the parents that it takes a very mature and brave individual to make the decision to join the military, and they should be proud of themselves for raising one of the best.

Noncommissioned Officers are the backbone of the Army. Historically, NCOs have been responsible for the factors that have influenced the future Army and our future NCO corps. We have had the responsibility of ensuring that all of our Soldiers’ needs were met; from education, training, doctrine, and organization, we have provided our Soldiers with the purpose, direction and motivation that have won wars against enemies, foreign and domestic, throughout the centuries.

I would like for all of my former classmates to know how blessed I am to have the wonderful family that I have. I want everyone to know that I truly love being a Soldier and that I am honored to have married a Soldier and reared four strong, intelligent and motivated human beings who have also decided to serve their country in the Army, as well.

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Vernon Praymous has a birthday today.
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