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Marion Alderidge
Mary Allgeier  
Elizabeth Amos   
Kathleen Anderson  
Byron (Barney) Andrews  
Carolyn Arnold
Andre Arrouet
Hope Ascher
Paul Baldwin  
Ray Barber
Joan Beardsley   
Donald Beggs
James Belcher   
William Bouknecht
Angie Brown
Ned Brown  
Miriam Bull
Diane Buyce
Bill Carey   
Steve Carson
Desiree Clayton
Norman Coates  
Terry Cooper
Rae Cornacchia  
Barbara Craig  
Valene Croskey
Maj. Martin Dawson  
Margit Dinda  
Elsa Dolci  
Marvin Dorsey
Judith Doyle
Rhoda Dyer  
Frances Edwards
Joel Elkins
Ruby Faust
Cathy Ford
Carl Forthofer   
Nancy Furbush
Leslie Gabe    
Joseph Gettys  
Jenise Grames
Donald Greene
James Greer
Priscilla Griffith
Sgt. Francis Grimes
Henry Hartrich   
William Helwig
Pat Hernacki  
Tom Hett  
Doyle Hollister
Robert Holmes
Janice Johnson
Peggy Ketchum
Martha Kolsch
Charles Kraemer
Robert Kuhfeldt
Bill Lavinghousez  
James Lepper
Barbara Losson (Thompson)   
David Lowe
Cassandra Macias
Kathy Mahler
Robert McCormick
Dr. Tom McIntyre   
Linda Moore
Jackie Newman
Zelma Oppenheim
Margaret O'Shaughnessy
Mel Ostlund   
Thaddeus Padgett  
Jean Patterson
Betty Preece   
Evelyn Primont  
Deborah Ragsdale
Larry Ragsdale
Larry Ragsdale
Larry Ragsdale  
Ruth Reimer
Linda Ricketts
Lee Ruffner   
Daniel Scheurer  
Emanual Simpson
John Stanford
Donald Steele   
Harold Stewart
Kathleen Tibbets
Bill Tiller
Martha Tiller
Fred Walters   
Lee Weilnau
Earl Wheeler   
Virginia Whitman
Elizabeth Williams  
Gladys Williams
Isabelle Williams
Diane Woodling
James Wright   
Nick Wright
Laura Young  
Lester Zetty   

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